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Swimming is joyful…

we want to keep it safe too.


ZAC Camps are back!

We are excited to continue our work advancing water safety and drowning prevention as we hold our first ZAC Camp since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent pool closures. Visit our ZAC Camps page below for more information on how we work with local communities to build safer spaces for our children in water.

The ZAC Foundation’s vision is to create a generational change in how water safety is viewed by parents and their children.

Water Safety

newborn splashing in a pool held by an adult


Children ages 0-1

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Children ages 1-3

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Grade School

Children ages 4-10

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Children ages 11 and up


people drown each year

Make swimming fun and safe for those you care about.

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Our Partners

The Foundation has partnered with programs and organizations across the country – from Austin, to Chicago, to Joint Base Andrews – to help develop and provide educational programming and resources for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

“Our collaboration with The ZAC Foundation has been very successful. Their support of the Red Cross Aquatics Centennial Campaign and our Swim app has helped people across the country learn how to swim and know the importance of water safety.”

-Connie Harvey, Director of Centennial Initiatives for the American Red Cross

American Red Cross
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
the YMCA

more partners

Zachary Cohen smiling near a pool

The ZAC Foundation was established to prepare children and families for a lifetime of water safety. Zachary’s memory is the inspiration for the Foundation’s mission and activities.

The Zac Foundation co-founder Karen Cohn

The organization works to strengthen pool safety legislation and fund advocacy, education, and effective programming surrounding water safety.

kids playing in a pool waiting for a ZAC Camp class to begin

ZAC Camps offer children access to professional swim instruction and important lessons about water safety.