Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) – Nine years after a Connecticut child lost his life in a drowning accident, children in Green Bay honored his life by learning water safety.

More than 100 kids hit the pool at the East Side Green Bay YMCA for Zac Camp, getting their feet wet in water safety thanks to a national grant given the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Bay.

“The Cohn family had their son, Zac, pass away from downing and they started this fabulous foundation that we get to have this water safety camp,” said Wendy Grelson, the Aquatics Director at the YMCA.

The program gives local kids the opportunity to have swim lessons in the water and in the classroom, hearing from experts in the field about how to stay safely afloat.

“We have the fire, the police department, the ems and the ice boat coming this week so the kids get to have a positive experience with these first responders,” said Grelson.

It’s those lessons and that experience that kids can take with them to the pool.

“Some of the kids will be terrified to put their feet in the water, very emotional, and in just four short days they are jumping in the pool, going down the waterslide,” said Grelson, “and that’s what they Cohn family wanted of the camp.”

Important knowledge that could one day save a life.

“Being able to teach them even just something small that they can use throughout the rest of their life, to me there’s nothing better,” said Deputy Jonathon Dzekute of the Brown County Dive Team.

Lessons will continue until Thursday for kids from six area schools. So far Zac Camps have taught more than 10,000 children nation-wide.

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