Helping Your Child Cope With Depression and Anxiety: 5 Methods from Dr. Louis Giangiulio

Helping Your Child Cope With Depression and Anxiety: 5 Methods from Dr. Louis Giangiulio

It’s no secret that the ongoing pandemic continues to impact the mental and physical well-being of adults and children alike​. For our “Keeping Kids Safe” Podcast, we connected with Dr. Louis Giangiulio, MD, FAAP, owner of Sugartown Pediatrics in Malvern, Pennsylvania for ideas on how we as parents can support our children during this time.

Dr. Giangiulio (affectionately known as “Dr. G” to many), provided important insights on how children can maintain emotional and physical health during the ongoing pandemic.

  1. Build their support network. This is especially important for families where both parents/guardians work full time outside the home so that children know they will receive unconditional love and emotional support at home. Dr. G suggests beginning at-home and then building support networks at school and social events.
  2. Have them talk about their feelings. Children shouldn’t have to fight anxiety and depression alone. Parents should facilitate an open discussion with their kids and encourage them to share whatever may be on their minds, such as something as simple as asking them how their school day was.
  3. Get them into a routine. The pandemic displaced many children’s normal routines whether it was participating in sports or socializing with friends. It’s important to plan out a daily routine with kids so they know what to look forward to throughout the day. With schools remaining open and businesses continuing to reopen, consider checking to see if your kids’ regular activities have resumed and/or look to find new opportunities to get your kids or teens engaged in an activity. Looking for recommendations? Here’s why we think lifeguarding is a great choice for teens as the world starts to reopen
  4. Limit screen time across all devices. Local and national news headlines have often stoked worry and fear throughout the pandemic. Limiting screen time ensures your children are getting a break from the doom and gloom and also gives them time to recharge and engage with daily activities as we learn to live with the pandemic. 
  5. Engage in physical activity. It’s been difficult for children to participate in any amount of organized exercise during the pandemic, and many times it affects their overall well-being. Prioritize keeping your kids active and engaging in physical activity as a family whether it’s going for a bike ride, walk/hike, or throwing the frisbee.

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November 11, 2021