The ZAC Foundation Launches Podcast “Keeping Kids Safe” For Parents And Caregivers

The ZAC Foundation Launches Podcast “Keeping Kids Safe” For Parents And Caregivers

“Keeping Kids Safe” launches as number one resource for emotional, physical and social wellbeing of children

GREENWICH, CT  May 21, 2021 – The ZAC Foundation (TZF), a national nonprofit dedicated to improving water safety by funding advocacy, education, and effective programming to safeguard children and their families, today announced the launch of its first podcast “Keeping Kids Safe” that aims to provide parents and caregivers with everything they need to know in regards to the emotional, physical and social well-being of children.

Hosted by Karen Cohn, TZF Co-founder and Megan Ferraro, TZF Executive Director, “Keeping Kids Safe” will feature conversations between the two water safety experts and parents, between them of nine kids from toddler to twenty-something, and the occasional guest host.

The first three episodes are available for download beginning today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms; and includes the pilot, “A Safe Family Vacation: It’s All I Ever Wanted” that addresses keeping children safe while traveling and how to select and participate responsibly in vacation activities, especially swimming. Other topics include Spring Break Survival and Summer Camp Safety. New episodes will be available every other Monday.

“While the ZAC Foundation’s goal is to create a generational shift in approaches to water safety, we thought this podcast would be a fun opportunity to share our knowledge about water safety while providing parents with helpful, vital advice and information on a number of topics highlighting children’s’ safety,” said Cohn, who has testified before Congress about the importance of swimming pool drain safety. “‘Keeping Kids Safe’ will explore the various levels of protection needed to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience for your child whether that’s in swim class or summer camp.”

“We’re addressing real topics of concern that I discuss every day with my friends and family who are parents,” said Ferraro, who is on the Steering Committee developing a National Drowning Prevention Plan. “Each episode will provide valuable insight, tips and education that every family should know and consider but in a fun and accessible conversation.”

About the episodes:

Episode 1: A Safe Family Vacation: It’s All I Ever Wanted

  • The ZAC Foundation’s Children’s Safety Team gets you ready to take your family on a vacation. Karen and Megan discuss how to keep your family physically safe while you stay mentally sound; flying with small children during a global pandemic; selecting the right type of vacation; and coping with a dream beach house with an unfenced pool area.

Episode 2: Spring Break Survival Rights

  • Summer vacation may be around the corner but Megan’s post-Florida Spring Break vacation answers questions on everyone’s mind: was that a vacation or a trip? If we have another surge, how do you handle airline travel? How do you keep your kids safe at the beach? Just how vital are lifeguards?

Episode 3: Summer Camp Safety, Sanity and Survival

  • Summer Camp can be a time of amazing enrichment for your children…and a break for you! But it can also be a time of anxiety especially when water safety is concerned. Karen and Megan share their tips for ensuring kids have a super summer, and the 4-1-1 on swim lessons and what’s the best age for kids to dip their toes into the water for the first time.

About The ZAC Foundation

The ZAC Foundation was established in 2008 by Karen and Brian Cohn after the loss of their 6-year-old son Zachary Archer Cohn in a pool drain entrapment in their backyard swimming pool. Through education and advocacy, the Foundation has educated more than 20,000 children and their families on the importance of water safety and is dedicated to continue preparing more for a lifetime of water safety. To learn more about The ZAC Foundation, connect with us on Facebook and


May 21, 2021